In an already crowded marketplace, establishing an outstanding brand new compounding pharmacy is crucial to its survival and success. To set Elements Compounding Pharmacy apart from the crowd, I had to come up with a strong brand identity, website, and good design for the ongoing campaign, essential for launching all individualized medicine solutions and reach the target audience.


Based on competitive analysis, I came up with color scheme, typefaces and brand identity which I carried over to establish their brand on the web. Further, my role as a freelance designer was to work directly with the owner on the interior and exterior of the pharmacy, as well as design collaterials in an engaging, clear and visually aestetic way.


Brand identity and business cards
Business cards
Elements Compounding Pharmacy website
Elements website
Userflow for placing an order
Style guide
Magnets and notepads
Magnet and notepad
Elements Pharmacy posters


Making great marketing campaigns is not a new strategy, but it made a difference for the success of Elements Compounding Pharmacy. Many of the existing patients noted that all of the design materials communicate effectively and make the brand special. However, some were concerned that there is no differentiation between pet and human medications. In response to the unsolicited feedback, I designed color coded packaging, Rx labels, and there are undergoing interior changes.